Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pretend Spring Break?

So as many people know, and hate, BYU does not have a Spring Break. It is nice that we get out so early, but it makes for a long few months without any breaks. One of our friends was getting married in Las Vegas so we decided to take a long weekend and make the trip down- it was such a fun weekend.

We left Thursday night around 7 and made our first stop at IN N OUT in St George. We meant to take a picture but I guess the food was just too good that it was gone before the thought crossed our minds again. We got to Vegas late that night, and were in bed quickly after.

Friday morning we went over to Sam's aunt Cydni's house and she did our hair. Mine was needing it pretty badly so it was quite the treat. It was fun to go over there and see her cute kids and get to know her better. Thanks Cyd!
That night we went to Matthew's baseball game, where all the people from Las Vegas were talking about how cold it was- while Sam and I were very content in the mid 50s weather.. Guess we've lived in Utah too long. We went out to Mexican food after (which was also quite the experience :)

Saturday morning Sam, Dani, and I ran a 5k. It was a lot smaller than the Rex Lee run we did a few weeks ago but it was a lot of fun.

Sam and me before the race
Did I mention it was before 8am?

All of us after with our ribbons
So Sam, being the amazing runner she is got 1st place in our age group and I was pretty proud to get 4th, considering there was a cross country team that happened to be in our age group. Dani was the only one in her age group but she was still the champion getting 1st as well :)

When we got home we made some breakfast, put our swim suits on and headed straight to the pool. The sun was amazing. I forget how much I miss just laying out when its warm outside and just relaxing. I think we also forgot that we had NO base tan so needless to say, after 6 hours out in the sun- we were a little toasty. Oh well, its better than pasty white!

That night was Tori's wedding reception. Tori was Sam's roommate in the dorms and we all became really good friends. I cant believe she is married but I am soo excited for her. She looked beautiful and the reception was amazing- from the food to the decorations.

Congratulations Tori!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the best mom I could ever ask for!I just want to express to my mom how much she means to me. She is my best friend and I look up to her in every way possible. She is the most caring, generous, loving, inspiring person I have ever met and I can't put how much I love her into words. She has given her everything to our family, raising 6 kids and caring for all of us soo well. She is the most amazing example to me and I would be honored to be half the person she is when I am her age.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

life is good.

Sam and me with the fruit trays we made for Tori's bridal shower

We ran the Rex Lee 5K for the cure last weekend

Dinner with the girls across the hall

My parents came up to Utah this weekend and it was SO much fun to be with them. My parents are definitely my best friends in the entire world and I dont know what I would ever do without them. They help me in so many ways and I am so blessed to have them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I love them. This year I have played on quite a few different teams and it has been soo much fun. I miss played sports in high school and I think this will be the closest I will get up here. In the fall I played on a girls soccer team, named Tetris. I'm not quite sure where we got this name, but it was such a fun team. I love all these girls.

This is us trying to be our own mascot?
Needless to say- it didnt work out as well as hoped

A better picture of our team

This winter we had a Fairfield (well mostly all from Fairfield) team. Our very first game my parents were in town so we made it into quite the event. My parents, grandparents, Sam, Torrie and Carrie all came to the game and then we had Cafe Rio (a must) after.

Not a great action shot, but still an action shot

My cute grandparents and Carrie during the game

My grandpa Tingey and my mom

Carrie, Torrie, and Sam
our season long fans

Fairfield United

We are also on a coed waterpolo team which is a blast. I have never played water polo, but luckily for me, this is intertube waterpolo, so we get to sit in tubes while we play. Our team doesn't always- well ever- win, but we always have more fun :)