Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at DISNEYLAND!!!

You would think that being from California, I would have been able to say that I have gone to Disneyland several times- but that is not true. Sadly, before this weekend, I had never been there. But now, thank you to the Topham family, I have experienced the magic of Disneyland. They are regulars there so I was privileged to go with a family who knew the ways (to say the least) and have a blast with them.
I was getting ready to go and wanted to clear off my memory card for my camera, and on the plane half way there I realized my memory card was still in my computer and not in my camera :( Thank goodness for camera phones...

Matthew, me, Sam, and Danica
Standing outside of the gates before 8am.
(which is big for a college student on a weekend)


Splash mountain
with the themed pose of "asian tourist"

I dont know how Sam and I ended up being in the front of the log- but I do know that we got soaked, and were wet for the majority of the day
(hence the bad hair in the rest of the pictures)

The lovely hats in the gift shop

The tea cups.
I was with Sam's mom in the fact that we didn't know how much spinning we could handle, so we decided to ride seperately
(Matthew was sad because he wanted to be in the "fast cup" with Sam, Drew, and Dani)

Saturday at California Adventure

I think I look like I'm 12 in this picture, which I love

Thank you Tophams for letting me come with you all and be apart of your family once again,
I always have an amazing time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

To begin the Halloween festivities, we had a group date with a few of the girls with whom I go to school. Karolyn, Zahara, Julianne, and I all brought our dates and had a fun night of dinner at Chillies and then a fun pumpkin carving contest.

The group at dinner

Everyone with their pumpkins before the carving started

Starting the carving

Cleaning out pumpkins

Our 'electric' pumpkin, with out initials on the side

All the carved and lit pumpkins

Thanks everyone for a fun night- I can't wait for more UCDH girls date nights :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mom and Dad's Visit

I always love when my dad has his dental implant class and they get to spend the weekend in Utah. Sadly, this is probably one of their last times coming up for the class- but hopefully they will still get to come up often.

We had a big dinner at my grandma Toolsons which was so fun. The whole group- my mom and dad, grandma and grandpa Toolson, grandpa Tingey, Andrew and Carrie, Blake, Sam, and me. Ryan is the only one not in the picture, as he was the one to take it.

On Saturday, since my dad didn't have class, my parents, Andrew, and I headed up to Mt. Timp to hike the caves and take the tour. It was such a pretty hike up and it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning with my family. I sometimes take Utah for granted, just how beautiful it is- so I was glad to take a break from my crazy life to enjoy it.

Thank you mom and dad for such a fun weekend. We always love having you come up and spending time with you- and the groceries you so kindly buy us :) I love you both.