Friday, October 31, 2008

East Coast

My dad, my mom, Andrew and I all went to the East coast for a week this summer. We went to Savannah, Georgia, Hilton Head, and New York City. We walked around Savannah and saw all the old sites which were all really pretty. We then drove to Hilton Head and stayed there for a few days. We went on a lot of bike rides, walked around, shopped, went out to eat for Southern food, went to the beach, went to the Hilton Head light house, and relaxed.Riding on the bike trails

Andrew and I on top of the light house

My mom and dad at the bottom

Mini light house


An extremely large tree..

My mom and me riding on the beautiful bike trails

After we went to South Carolina we flew to New York and spend a few days there. We walked around the city, shopped, saw the Statue of Liberty, went to see Wicked, went to Carnegie Delly (twice), went to a Yankee's game, and had a lot of fun. We stayed at the Marriott in Times Square which was beautiful.

The Brooklyn Bridge

My dad, me, my mom, and Andrew before the play


Walking around the city after the play

My mom and me eating Kabobs on the street before the Yankees game

In the Empire State Building
Andrew and me pretending to be the statue of liberty
(its in the background..)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sam's Stay

Sam came to visit in California for a week over the summer and it was so much fun. We spent a day in San Francisco with my mom and Ellen, where we walked around, shopped, ate, and took lots of pictures. We also went to the river with some friends and to Marine World, it was a great week.
Coit Tower in the background

My mom and Ellen, unknowingly came with twin outfits.
[A delicious breakfast at Sears Fine Food]

The top of Lombard Street with the bay in the background

The Golden Gate

Cliff jumping at the American River in Sacramento

After rafting

Sam, me, Amy, and Andrew
we were all hiding behind Andrew trying not to get wet

We have always wanted to make boxer shorts so we decided this week would be the perfect time to do it. We bought 'practice' American flag material that was pretty similar to a table cloth material. It was a good thing we had practice material though, because our plan of tracing shorts and sewing the two sides together did not work as well as we hoped. We ended up with some good shorts, with a lot of help from my Grandma Toolson, equipped with a drawstring, and matching headbands. Success.

Clara's Birthday

July 22, 2008- Clara's birthday was such a fun day. We have been friends since we were in preschool and I can't believe she is already 19. How time flies. The morning of her birthday we all went hikinf in Rockville and had lunch at the picnic tables on top of the hill. It was such a pretty walk up and view was great. That night a big group of us went to Vacaville and ate at BJ's. After we got home from dinner we had some smores in Clara's backyard.

Chris, me, Clara, Erica and Andrew
Our picnic up in Rockville, with our rootbeer bottles

Me, Caitlin, Clara, and Marie
Before dinner

Eating smores, I just have some "jess on my face" :)

Under the City Lights

Living so close to San Francisco is so much fun. The weekend after Clara's birthday we went into San Francisco, got all dressed up, went out to an amazing restaurant, then took a limo around San Francisco to see all the sites. We spent the night in the city and the next day the girls went shopping. I love San Francisco.

Erica, me, Clara, Kattera, and Amy
all dressed up before dinner

Me and Donovan
The classic 'knife picture'

Me, Amy, and Clara
in front of the Golden Gate


Donovan, me, Amy, and Andrew
in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Kattera, Amy, Me, Erica, and Clara
Shopping in San Francisco