Friday, February 20, 2009

More sundance

Buying a season pass to Sundance was probably the best decision I have ever made. It is nice just to be able to go up for a few hours on Friday afternoons and get away from school- especially with such good company. Justin, Sam, Leigh, Elizabeth, and I went up to Sundance for a great afternoon of boarding (&skiing for Elizabeth)

All of us on the shuttle from the parking lot

So when you get to the Summit of the mountain you get off and there is such a pretty view. We wanted to take a picture in front and it ended up being quite the process. So here's our many attempts.

After we were all strapped into our boards, we decided we wanted a picture-
so we scooted over to the side, stood up and were tried to keep our balance while not sliding downhill. One thing led to another, &like dominoes and we all hit the ground

So we temporarily settled for a sitting picture

The second time we got off the lift, we were a lot smarter and waited to strap up until after the picture, which gave us all an extra foot to keep our balance.

(thanks justin for being the photographer for all of these pictures :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Vegas Valentine

For the last three day weekend (which conveniently included Valentines Day) we made a roadtrip to Las Vegas, which has kinda become my second home. It is where Sam is from, and I've offically adopted her little siblings. Being the youngest, I've never had little siblings, so it is so fun to be able to play with them a reverse the roll a little bit :)

Valentines Day:

We went shopping in the morning

A delicious lunch at Pei Wei
After lunch we came home and went to Sam's little sister Danica's indoor soccer game. The adults all went out to dinner and we volunteered to make homemade pizza with the kids for dinner. It was a fun night, including a trip to Golden Spoon.

Matthew, Sam's little brother, my pretend date for Valentines day <3

not the best picture, but a picture of all of us at Golden Spoon

The next day was Cameron Brooks farewell talk. He did such an awesome job and it was fun to see him one last time before he left for his mission. One of my favorite parts of going to Las Vegas is going to church and seeing all of Sara's friends. Sara is my sister who is AMAZING. She is the nicest, most real person I know and it is so fun to talk to all her friends about how much they miss her and adore her. I do too :)
After church there was an open house for Cameron at the Tindle's house.
Me and Sid- one of Sara's best friends, in front of the delicious food :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stuck in Sundance

Last Friday we decided that we wanted to go up to Sundance to go snowboarding after class. So after class, we got some lunch, then drove up to Sundance. Sam, Erik and I drove up to the resort and met up with Blake, Darren, Justin, and Christian. It started to snow pretty hard and the snow looked like pellets (which we called Dip n' dots) and it was pretty cold. It was also pretty windy so my face was freezing so the boys were nice enough to let us use their bandannas. We felt pretty hard core haha.

Sam, Erik, and me on the lift

So we decided we'd take a few more runs and then head back home but when we finished up and headed to the car, the traffic was totally stopped. The shuttle was stuck on the way down so we got tired of waiting and decided to walk all the way up the hill carrying our boards (it was quite the workout). We got to our car and then got a call from Blake saying there was an accident so everyone was stuck there and there was no moving traffic. So we parked our car, went into the lodge and got some food at the deli, had some sandwiches and played a few card games. After about an hour we heard that the cars had been cleared but there was an avalanche that covered the road so we were going to have to wait for that to be cleared as well. So about two hours later, after a lot of card games, building card pyramids, more food, and lots of talking, we were finally able to leave. Although it wasn't quite the plan to stay a few extra hours in Sundace, overall it was still a fun day.

Darren, Blake, me, and Sam in the lodge