Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 month

So I know I promised I would catch up on my blog once I was done with that week of 3 tests, but honestly, things have NOT slowed down since. School is getting busier, with the realization that this semester is over in 3 weeks and my 2 page list of clinical requirements have to be done, the tests and daily quizzes in my 5 other classes never end, and I can't quite put into words how this wedding has taken up every second of spare time that I use to have.
But I guess the big news is that our wedding is exactly ONE month away.
As stressful as the planning has been, I'm so glad that it is coming up. I couldn't be more excited to marry Ryan. The announcements are currently being printed so expect one in the mail soon!
&if I don't have your address- please send it :)

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