Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This year for Thanksgiving my whole family was home and it was so fun. Wednesday morning the girls went shopping and then we had our annual Thanksgiving Turkey bowl and the park. The weather was absolutely perfect and we all hadfn playing football, even Audrey who even ran in a touch down for our team :)

Most of the family who got to play

After football we came home and play some rock band

&the kids danced

Thursday was the only day the entire family was able to be together. We spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco and rode bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge and down the Embarcadero.

The girls

All 16 of us

My cute parents

We rode to Boudins and had clam chowder in bread bowls

The Golden Gate

Carrie, Melissa, Rachel, me, Sara, Michelle
all the sisters

the kids
That night we all came home and had our big Thanksgiving dinner. We were each in charge of making a dish and it was so fun to try everyone's new recipes. I made the a sweet potatoe dish that I had at the Flakes house and I'm glad to say everyone loved it at my house as well.

Sara and Ben were in charge of doing the turkey and I have to say it wasn't just the prettiest turkey I have ever seen, but the best tasting as well!
Friday night we all went to see the Blindside, which I loved, and then for part of our parent's Christmas present we took them out to dinner at Johnny Carinos.
Saturday night we took our parents ice skating as another part of their present. Even the little kids put their skates on and we all had a lot of fun.

The whole group ice skating
We spent Sunday at church, making Christmas candy, and relaxing. It was a great trip and I loved being home- thanks mom and dad for everything, I am truely grateful for all of you.


Carrie said...

Oh those pictures of me skating - and trying not to fall - are fabulous. Great weekend. We're excited to see you again this week!

Michelle said...

Sad. I miss you all so much! Great pictures. Love you!

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