Friday, December 4, 2009

Festival of the Trees

This year we started celebrating the Christmas season by going to the Festival of Trees with Andrew and Carrie. We first had a delicious dinner at their apartment (that was so cutely decorated for Christmas)- complete with our family's famous Christmas candies for dessert and then drove up to Sandy. There were so many amazingly decorated trees- from classy gold and red trees, to motorcycle themed, and everything in between.

The BYU themed tree

They also had a ton of gingerbread houses on display, which I have a better appreciation of after Ryan and I made our own small one this year.

All 4 of us in front of the gingerbread castle
[disclaimer: my purse is not always BURSTING full of random things, I had just pulled everything out searching for my camera :)]


Maren said...

hey jess! cute blog! this is maren, how are you? Should I get ready to have a new cousin?? :) ha, Ryan would be SO lucky!

Carrie said...

So I think you owe everyone a new blog post, with your story and news of course. And let me know if I should re-title your blog "Ryan & Jess" on our blog. Congrats!